Baby, you’ve got to love yourself…

Relationships come & go but your skin is with you forever. Show your skin some love & give yourself the special devotion you deserve! While this month is all about showing how much you love others…don’t forget about loving yourself too!

For the LOVE of your skin!

Your skincare routine is a sacred time to be at one with yourself & devote to self-loving moments. Implement these two ritualistic experiences a few times a week to indulge during your me time.

2-Step Face Ritual

Step 1 | Hydrating Mineral Mask

enhanced with restorative mineral complexes

A creamy mineral complex mask designed to restore the skin’s vitality and moisture levels. This versatile mask provides a necessary protective barrier, leaving the skin soft and supple from head to toe.


Apply after your cleansing & exfoliating step. Leave on 10 -15 minutes, then remove with warm water.

Step 2 | Bulgarian Rose Otto

enhanced with pure Bulgarian Rose Oil

A fine blend of exquisite moisturizing oils designed to richly hydrate the skin, providing a resilient, luminous glow. This product may also be used as a spot treatment around the mouth and eye area, or mixed with your daily moisturizer as a moisture 'boost'.


Apply Bulgarian Rose Otto generously as your decadent moisturizing treatment following the Hydrating Mineral Mask to leave your skin with a radiant glow.

2-Step Body Ritual

Step 1 | Sweet Mandarin Walnut Body Polish

enhanced with pure Tangerine Oil

Renew your skin with this uplifting citrus scrub that gently exfoliates the body using softly honed walnut shells and apricot kernels to refresh your skin and spirit.


Polish away dull skin with Sweet Mandarin Walnut Body Polish as a prep-step prior to drenching your skin in luxury with Amour Universél Exquisite Body Oil.

Step 2 | Amour Universél Exquisite Body Oil

energetically infused with the attracting vibrations of Rose Quartz

Rich & supple, yet lightweight, this deeply moisturizing oil awakens romantic devotion while restoring a sense of peaceful splendor. Energetically infused with the attracting vibrations of rose quartz crystals, tender white jasmine and deep pink pepper and vanilla, fuse with spirited red mandarin, inciting unconditional love, joy & light without limitation.


Following your prep-step with Sweet Mandarin Walnut Body Polish, replenish the skin while illuminating your ageless brilliance & drench in luxury with Amour Universél Exquisite Body Oil as your finale. TIP: A healthy alternative to perfume, this fine body oil is hand-crafted to also assist with nourishing devitalized spirit.

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Heather Linberg, Epicuren®’s Skincare Specialist

Heather is a lover of all things health, wellness, and beauty! A leading industry expert, she has been sharing her passion for creative health and beauty solutions for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge of wellness and skincare has made her an invaluable resource to an impressive list of beauty editors, celebrity makeup artists, and red carpet A-listers!

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