How To Soothe Irritated Skin On Your Face

6 expert tips to keep your skin cool, calm & collected.

Millions suffer from sensitized skin, and for many the condition causes more than just facial flushing and redness. Other visible symptoms may also include thickening of the skin, intensely dry appearance, bumps, and eye irritation. To help you keep your skin a red-free zone, follow these calming skin-care tips from 6 Epicuren Experts.

1. Monitor Your Skin

Chelsea Bartolotta, Epicuren Discovery, VP of Sales & Marketing

Keep a close eye on what may cause your flare-ups. What are your triggers? Mentally monitor or keep a log and track what may be causing your episodes. For some, spicy food, alcohol, extreme heat or cold, stress, and even your skin care products may be a trigger.

Remember some of these instigators can be avoided while others can't. If you do experience a flare-up, you can minimize your symptoms by taking a cool shower and incorporating skin care products specifically formulated to cool down the skin.


2. Gently Cleanse Your Skin 

Robin Grisham, Epicuren Discovery, Business development Manager

Always reach for a gentle fragrance-free facial skin cleanser, and avoid harsh cleansers and astringents that are stripping, as they can be irritating to sensitive skin. Oh, and scrubbing has no place in your calming skin-care routine!

3. Moisturize To The Max

Janae Muzzy, Epicuren Discovery, VP of Research & Development

Moisturizing is an essential MUST! Use a best natural face moisturizer that supports your skin’s natural barrier to help shield it from irritants.

Choose a natural, fragrance-free moisturizer that is the appropriate richness for your skin type, because just like your cleanser, the wrong moisturizer can actually make your redness worse.


4. Fragrance Free Beauty

Heather Linberg, Epicuren Discovery, Director of PR & Marketing

It will be tempting to cover up ruddy cheeks with makeup, but it can also worsen symptoms. However, sometimes we must put ourselves together, and in those cases choose fragrance-free, mineral-based makeup because it tends to be less irritating.

When choosing a foundation, opt for pressed powder (applied with a soft makeup brush) over liquid formulas because liquid can clog the pores which can heighten irritation. The best tip, just go "au-naturale" and makeup free whenever you can!

5: Tender Touch

Meagan Isbell, Epicuren Discovery, Director of Education

Your best friend may suggest a basic facial but if it’s not tailored to your complexion it may aggravate, irritate, and launch a flare-up. And if anyone suggests a harsh chemical peel or micro-dermabrasion just say NO!

Always work with your dermatologist or aesthetician to find the best calming treatment for your particular skin condition.

6: Be Sun Savvy

Jessica Santora, Epicuren Discovery, Business Development Manager

Chant after me…apply, reapply, apply, reapply, apply, reapply, and always practice sun safety.

First of all, always wear sunscreen and yes, even when it’s cloudy.

Second, whenever possible avoid direct sunlight. Take cover in the shade, relax under an umbrella or wear a stylish wide-brimmed hat. When choosing your SPF take note of the factor as well as the ingredients and make sure they contain physical blockers like titanium or zinc oxide, and are spf 20 or higher.

Apply generously 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply.

Did I say reapply?



Heather Linberg, Epicuren®’s Skincare Specialist

Heather is a lover of all things health, wellness, and beauty! A leading industry expert, she has been sharing her passion for creative health and beauty solutions for over 10 years. Her extensive knowledge of wellness and skincare has made her an invaluable resource to an impressive list of beauty editors, celebrity makeup artists, and red carpet A-listers!

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