7 Skin Care Products to Help You Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

When we think of winter skin, the first issue that comes to mind is the profound devitalization and dehydration that affects the majority of us. The cold, wind, low humidity of winter, air travel, use of heat in our home, and increased consumption of alcohol are generally some of the major culprits. 

Secondly, the holidays also increase our levels of stress, thus raising our cortisol, which diminishes our skin’s ability to maintain proper hydration leaving the complexion dull. 

As weather conditions change, a seasonal review of what we are using in our skincare regime at home is vital. What works in the heat of summer does not always provide enough protection in the winter. Make a shift and implement these wonderful result-oriented products into your skincare! As a general rule, winter calls for mild cleansers, richer moisturizers, calming mists, and boosting serums. Here are some suggestions to assist you with planning your winter skincare routine. 

Epicuren has created this simple go-to list of cold-weather favorites for you to keep at your fingertips to ‘winterize’ your routine.

1 - Cleanse

Apricot Cream Cleanser 

Why you need it ► Your savior!

A gentle non-foaming cream cleanser designed to assist with loss prevention of moisture during the cleansing process. Use day and night. Recommended for | dry and mature skin types.

2 - Refine

Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel

Why you need it ► Your age-fighter!

A natural, exfoliating peel containing known age-fighting ingredients, such as vitamin A, along with hundreds of other vitamins and phyto-nutrients. With continued use, results may include: the encouragement of cell turnover and renewal, skin refinement, reduction of pore size, and oil production normalized. Use 2-3 times per week. Recommended for | all skin types.

3 - Balance

Soothe Dermal Repair Mist

Why you need it ► Your relief!

An ultra-light toner designed to instantly restore, calm, and comfort your skin while working long-term to reduce future sensitivity to external irritants. Use post cleanse day and night. Recommended for | all skin types.

4 - Hydrate

Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel

Why you need it ► Your daily boost!

An oil-free, natural humectant that binds moisture to the skin, maximizing the benefits of your daily moisturizer. This lightweight ‘moisture-boost’ promotes ten times more hydration than moisturizing creams alone. Use alone or cocktail into daily or nightly moisturizer. Recommended for | all skin types.

5 - Quench

Bulgarian Rose Otto

Why you need it ►Your go-to luxury!

A fine blend of exquisite moisturizing oils designed to richly hydrate the skin, providing a resilient, luminous glow. Use day and night. Recommended for | Dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin types

6 - Boost

Soothe Dermal Repair Balm

Why you need it ► Your secret weapon!

A luxuriously rich and deeply moisturizing botanical balm created to assist with easing dry, sensitive skin. Enriched with a symphony of immediate and long-term calming and protective ingredients to allow your skin to recover and create a balanced, healthy appearing complexion. Use day and night. Recommended for | Dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin types.

7 - Treat

Hydrating Mineral Mask

Why you need it ► Your winter rescue!

An active mineral complex mask designed to restore the skin’s vitality and moisture levels. Use 2-3 times per week. Recommended for | all skin types.

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