4 Summer Skin Care Tips for Smooth Skin

1 Polish Your Skin

Why? Summer demands smooth, silky skin. Buffing away dry skin allows for an even, smooth texture with a luminous glow!

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How To Use?

Apply scrub to wet skin using light-pressured circular motions. Do not rub harshly. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Follow with your favorite body moisturizer. Use a maximum of twice per week.

Tip | Don’t leave your feet behind; reveal softer, smoother heels and toes!

2 Hydrate Your Skin

Why? The sunnier months tend to demand more hydration because of higher temps and excess sun exposure. Keeping skin hydrated will keep your complexion looking healthy and supple.

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hydrating mask

How To Use?

Apply a thin layer directly to a clean face or body using a fan brush or hands. Leave on approximately 10-20 minutes, or while you sleep. Remove using warm water. May be used daily.

Tip | Apply to your feet and cover with soft pedi-socks while you sleep to add a moisture-boost to tired tootsies!

3 Mist Your Skin

Why? You spent the day in the sun working on your tan but you ambitiously went into overtime and acquired more of a sunburn instead. Well, the damage is done but that doesn’t mean you have to be in pain. This super-soothing Aloe and Cucumber based mist can assist with preventing peeling and reduce redness and irritation.

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Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist

How To Use?

Mist over clean skin and/or hair as desired. Reapply often - or as needed - to maintain healthy skin. May be used daily.

Tip | Keep on ice and use as a quick ultra-cooling refresher at the beach or poolside!

4 Protect Your Skin

Why? Regular use of sunscreen can assist with slowing the aging process. Armor up and keep yourself protected with a daily youth-shield of sunscreen.

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Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 27
X-Treme Cream Propolis Sunscreen SPF 45+
Active Sport Treat UVA & UVB Sunscreen SPF 30+

How To Use?

Apply liberally on the face (as the final step in your skincare regime) and body. Reapply often. Use daily, rain or shine.

Tip | Rule of thumb, ALWAYS apply 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply immediately after swimming. Don’t overlook your ears, nape of your neck, and the tops of your feet!


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